The Walking Dead Season Five: New Comic Con Trailer.

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Fans of The Walking Dead were given a taste of what’s in store in season five, as a new trailer was released at San Diego Comic Con on Friday.

The trailer seems to pick up exactly where we left Rick and co at the end of the last season, with the group of survivors seeming to go into attack mode immediately after Rick’s ‘they’re screwing with the wrong people’ line (fans of the comics will forever be it a bit peed off by that censorship) regarding those dubious looking folk in Terminus.

The shot at 0.15 seconds does little to quash the rumours that the residents of the ominous looking ‘sanctuary’ are in fact cannibals; however the rest of the trailer shows that they obviously do manage to escape one way or another.

There are a couple of shots that show that Rick and Judith (and therefore presumably Carol and Tyreese) do get back together, and a couple of shots of screaming and Abraham crying show that in standard Walking Dead style things aren’t going to go swimmingly, but apart from that the trailer isn’t giving too much away.

Thankfully, it looks like they’re still finding ways to make the zombies inventive; some in this trailer look equally as gross as the infamous farm zombie living in the well in season two.

It’s a decent trailer; it just doesn’t really tell you anything much about what’s going to happen. Obviously, you don’t want spoilers, but when last year’s trailer was released I watched it about four times in a row and saw loads of little bits that intrigued me. This year, it looks exciting, but there’s nothing much to speculate over.

The most interesting segment comes right at the end, as there’s a glimpse at where Beth might be. Last time we saw her, an unknown entity bundled her in the back of a boot and drove off into the night. They clearly haven’t killed her, though there maybe should be a big ‘yet’ at the end of that statement, because it does not look good.

Whatever happens, we can presume that loads of people will die and everyone will be unhappy.

Season Five of the Walking Dead will air Sunday October 12, and will be shown just 24 hours later in the UK.

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