Top 4 Sports Tech News 

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This Top 4 of June 2020 includes the launch of a new performance tool for athletes, products for training at home, and a newly formed consortium that wants to promote collaborations. Read on to know more.

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Archinisis launches new performance tool for track and field athletes

Archinisis is a sports-tech startup which develops systems for elite sports performance tracking and analysis. Recently, it has announced its entrance into the summer sports market with the launch of a new tool that analyses the performance of track and field athletes. The system, based on a wearable sensor worn on the upper back, combined with algorithms and cloud application, provides insights into the everyday performance of the athlete.

Only minutes after each training session, the application provides data about the step length, running cadence, motion asymmetry and various other things. This makes it easy to monitor the daily progress and optimize training according to the performance.

STRAFFR’s Resistance Band Is Designed to Be A Portable Gym

A resistance band is an elastic band that is used to create resistance in order to get full muscle fibre recruitment. These bands are quite versatile and can be used to perform heaps of exercises. There are many other benefits to these simple exercise tools, including effectiveness, safety and convenience.

STRAFFR, a smart resistance band and training platform, has taken a huge step forward in their resistance band design. Their new smart resistance band comes with a sensor that can measure the force applied to the band each time it stretches. It can track the user’s resistance band exercises and provide insights into the velocity and power of each repetition.

Sports Tech Research Network (STRN) Facilitates Multidisciplinary Expert Collaborations

Sports Tech Research Network is a newly formed network that connects the most innovative sports, tech and business scientists with each other and with research-driven industry non-profit experts. The objective of STRN is to make the world of sports more transparent to both the academic and non-academic worlds.

As an academic, users can start presenting themselves, connect with experts, and set up conversations and partnerships. As a non-academic, the platform is open for research-related questions and challenges. This is an exciting initiative that has lots of potential in the future.

MoonRun Wants to Transform Indoor Running & Cardio Workouts

MoonRun is a company based in Israel that develops a type of specialized virtual training indoor aerobic exercise equipment. The firm now wants to shape the next generation of aerobics with their portable and gamifiable solution – the MoonRun CONNECT.

MoonRun CONNECT aims at resolving the limitations of a conventional treadmill. The design of the product is a compact portable system that when used, looks like the user is running on the spot while being held back by the straps. This allows users to do side steps or jumps while running and also reduces the side impact. 

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