How to Get a Job in Top Sports in the UK

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Meta description: Dream of working for a top sports team or elite sports business. Here are three ways to secure a job at the best sports employers in the UK.

The National Careers Service ran by the UK Government claim that sports coaches and related roles can earn as much as £35,000 per year.

Elite staff, at this level, should enjoy a comfortable salary considering the cost of sporting events in the UK. Yet, working in top sports job is often a dream for many sporty people who are passionate about health and wellbeing, or a specific sport.

However, passion alone is not going to help you earn a job in top sporting teams or the best sporting bodies. Instead, you will need an array of skills and possibly even a university qualification. Here are the three most effective ways to get a job in elite sport.

Go to University

For many coaches and sports workers, they can enter their chosen field with specific qualifications such as gym instructing certificates or coaching badges – along with first aid. However, to be successful at an elite level sports club, you will probably need more than the aforementioned qualifications. You will probably need a university degree.

There are several options out there including but not limited to sports science, nutrition, sports coaching and sports development. One example is the University of Bristol offering some of the best sports degrees in the UK, which could then lead to related jobs in Bristol, home of two professional football teams and the Bristol Bears.

Work Experience/ Volunteer

Many college and university sports courses allow students to go out and work for sports clubs in the region. Although it may be challenging to secure a spot with a Premier League football club or an Olympic team, you can still find many professional organisations looking for volunteers.

FC United of Manchester has been known to onboard sports students looking to get experience working as a coach in the community or as background staff. These opportunities can lead to more elite positions and volunteering may also result in someone else paying for you to earn coaching badges and qualifications.

Excel in Sport

Unfortunately, an array of university degrees and determination may not be enough to find your feet in top sports teams. Sometimes sporting skills play a massive part in the career trajectory of sports staff. For example, many of the best professional players get an open door into elite coaching, management or sports director roles. It isn’t very easy for someone who has not competed at a professional level to earn these roles. If you want an elite sports job, the reality is that you probably need to perfect your own game first.

Consider Community Sport Roles

If you are finding it difficult to secure a job in top sports organisations, consider working in community-based projects. These may not be as glamorous as big stadiums and £35,000 per year, but working for local sports clubs and businesses may be just as rewarding – if not more so.

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