Tis The Season to Watch Movies – Part 6

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I thought we could take a look at just one more Tim Burton film before the presents arrive. Although there’s not much in it to warrant it being a Christmas movie it was suggested to me multiple times and if I’m quite honest I’d not yet seen it and finally had an excuse to take it off the shelf. So our sixth entry for December is none other than Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton’s first ever collaboration with Johnny Depp.

Released three years before Nightmare Before Christmas, and actually directed by Burton as opposed to Nightmare, Edward Scissorhands is a Burtonesque movie from the very beginning. From it’s magical score (by Danny Elfman of course) to Johnny Depp’s unique performance, it’s clear to see why this film has stuck around so long. The storyline is simple yet fun and a nice twist on the Frankenstein format, with Depp’s comedic timing proving very helpful. His facial expressions and the way in which he presents himself as Edward make it hard to compare him to any other characters Depp has played before or since.

As Edward’s story unfolds (with the help of Vincent Price playing his creator) he is soon stumbled upon by Avon lady, Peg and near enough adopted into her family, sparking interest with her neighbours with his many talents. From Hedge cutting, to dog grooming, hairdressing and eventually ice sculpting, Edward becomes the new hit of the town even appearing on a TV talk show. However it’s not till the second half that the story gathers up interest. That’s not to say the first half isn’t interesting. There are of course lots of things happening to keep you interested, but it seems to take a bit longer than usual to finally get started. A minor criticism, but one that must be brought up.

Soon enough, Edward’s love for Peg’s daughter Kim, threatens her relationship with her boyfriend, Jim, and it’s not long till Jim ruins Edward’s reputation after a robbery goes wrong.

By now you’re probably asking where the Christmas aspect of it comes in. Well to be quite honest, it’s a very small section. Probably the smallest reference to Christmas that you’ll see in any of this months films. However there is snow. And a Christmas tree. And an old lady telling a bedtime story next to a fireplace. Again, not the most Christmassy of films you’ll likely see this month but it just touches the surface enough – although only by the skin of it’s teeth – to warrant a place on the advent calendar.

With just nineteen days left to go, the next two and a half weeks will have enough Christmas to keep us going for all of 2013 before we come back to December, so consider Edward Scissorhands a sort of break in between. Still keeping Christmas in the background but not completely ignoring it.



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