Review: Great Night Out

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Based in the Northern town of Stockport, Great night out is ITV’s brand new comedy show revolving around the exploits of four life time friends. Before i started watching it i was expecting something of an adult Inbetweeners that just tried too hard and excuse the word was “cringey”. Straight away i realised i was wrong. Each hour long episode is full of nice, genuine laugh out load moments and four very likable main characters.

Hodge the self proclaimed leader of the four friends is played by Lee Boardman best known for roles in Drop dead gorgeous and Coronation Street. Divorcee Beggsy played by William Ash who is probably best known for his time playing Christopher Mead in Waterloo Road. Gyln who is the most lovable character of the four is played by Craig Parkinson who will be remembered by fans of Misfits as the Shaun the probation worker from Series 2 and most of 3. The final person to make up the group is Daz played by Stephen Martin Walters who can be seen as drug dealer Maddison Twatter in Skins and as Nitro in Mean Machine.

What really makes the show great apart from the main characters are the plethora of likable and funny supporting characters. Take for instance the lads local pub landlord Warren played by Ricky Tomlinson, who in the first episode accompanies Gyln to a salsa dancing class to “help” him to ask his crush Julie out on a date to Hodges anniversary party. While most of the laughs do come from the lads the WAGS (and mother in Beggsy case) contribute  to a lot of the laughs and mishaps in the episode’s.

What makes each episode so great is the episodes antagonists. The one off characters that are the catalysts for the adventures that the characters find themselves, sometimes unwillingly finding themselves in. For example the accidental run away groom from the first episode played by phone shops Tom Bennett is a very enjoyable, well written and well played character from start to finish.

All in all the show is a triumph from ITV. A lot of nice laugh out load moments and great well written, well acted characters right through the cast, from the main characters right through to the small few lines ones. It is a great way to enjoy those great friday nights out where you find yourself eating a bowl of dry coco-pops on your sofa.


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