Review: Game of Thrones: Season 4 – Episode 8

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It’s time for the much anticipated fight between Oberyn and Gregor Clegane in episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper.

So to kick things off, the episode opens with a wildling massacre of a near village, the one that Gilly happens to be staying in, but everyone’s favourite ginger Wildling spares her and baby Sam. The night’s watch also discuss the impending doom of the wildling army and their being seriously outnumbered.

Is it just me or have the visuals really stepped up this episode? Some seriously beautiful shots and angles make for an, if possible, more cinematic episode, and it looks great. Greyworm continues his romance with Missandei, when he sees her naked, it’s cute to see some romance in a world so riddled with violence and brutality, especially as Greyworm’s upbringing hasn’t been pleasant. But Greyworm’s upbringing is an interesting point here, because he and the unsullied having been castrated and brought up with unquestionable obedience should mean that Greyworm would be incapable of such feelings. I’m not complaining; it’s nice, but it almost hints at future issues with the unsullied. Let’s just hope they are loyal to their liberator.

Theon/ Reek, under Ramsey’s instruction, takes up his old role and  tricks the people of Moat Cailin into giving it up, only to be slaughtered in cold blood. Roose Bolton in return makes Ramsey his legitimate son (and presumably heir) as warden of the north. Yeah, that’s great, just give all the power to the bastards. Though in cooperation with the Lannisters, the Boltons are seizing the north for themselves, riding for Winterfell.

Littlefinger undergoes investigation by the elders of the Eyrie, who then bring in Sansa and for a minute, we hold our breath, thinking Sansa is going to give Littlefinger up to them, but then she turns it around and saves him. I’m not understanding your motives here, Sansa, get your head screwed on properly!

Back across the Narrow Sea, a moment we’ve all been considering but never really thought would happen, actually came to be. Jorah’s betrayal of Daenerys has finally been outed. He begs on his knees before her after admitting to his crimes, but she treats him with the same iron fist that she crushes her enemies with, banishing him (again). Man, this guy just can’t settle in one place.

Arya and the Hound also arrive at the Eyrie, to discover that Lysa is dead. Arya laughs hysterically in the Hounds face, and you’ve got to admit it’s pretty funny them trekking across the country for nothing.

Now onto Tyrion’s story and the Mountain/Viper battle, which starts with a story about their simple cousin killing beetles, which though interesting, I fail to see the relevance of, but hey. So the Mountain strides out clad in as much armour as you can imagine, with the biggest sword you’ve ever seen. Oberyn, dressed in basically nothing and with  dances around with his fancy spear, giving a speech about his vengeance for his sister. Things get a little bit tense but ultimately Oberyn brings the Mountain down, and it’s certain he is victorious. But in his obsession with justice and his sister’s death, a split-second turn around sees the mountain killing Oberyn in probably the most gruesome way possible. Are you serious with this? This is not fair, every damned time. Oh yeah, and Tyrion is well and truly doomed now… Great.

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