Review: Game of Thrones: Season 4 – Episode 7

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Things are really building up and there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get into my review of episode 7: Mockingbird.

So following the aftermath of Tyrion’s incredible trial last episode, Tyrion seems as helpless as ever for the most part of this episode. We get the first look at The Mountain, an absolute giant of a man, and one with an apparently ever changing face (This is the third actor to play the Mountain in Game of Thrones.)

Tyrion’s parts are split up effectively into three different visits from companions, each a hopeful champion for Tyrion. Though the first, Jamie, discloses that he simply cannot fight with his left hand, and the second, the antiquated champion for many, Bron, is partly bribed by Cersei, partly due to wanting to live (have you seen The Mountain?) We’ll get into the third champion later on.

Arya gets philosophical about life and death, and her and the Hound go on their merry way towards the eyrie, killing time by killing as they go.

Daenerys gets sexy with Daario, taking Jorah’s friend zone to a whole new level, though he does manage to convince Dany to have a little mercy, contrary to her recent actions.

We also see the return of *deep breath* hotpie! bringing some comedy to the episode, as Arya and the Hound’s story was a little more serious. Hotpie also helps Brienne and Podrick in their search for Arya, giving them a present for Arya, a pretty damn awesome dire wolf biscuit that gives us old timers a pang of nostalgia.

And back to Tyrion’s third visitor, Oberyn. He tells a beautifully moving story of meeting Tyrion as a baby. Both actors in this scene were incredible as always, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the waterworks came on for some. I strongly empathise with Oberyn too in his seeking vengeance for his sister and her children. The scene ends with Oberyn announcing he will fight for Tyrion, and I think we all let out a sigh of relief, and also one of excitement. Sure the Mountain is massive and ridiculously strong, but Oberyn’s a total badass both in personality and from what we’ve seen of him in combat, which admittedly is very little.

Finally, the last and most shocking scene of the episode. Sansa reflects on her lost home and sense of place, whereas Littlefinger reflects on his inner desires, which are as creepy and disturbing as you would imagine. This last scene is almost hauntingly sinister, ending with Lysa kicking off at Sansa after seeing Littlefinger kiss Sansa, and threatening to kill Sansa via the moon door. And of course someone exits that moon door but it’s not Sansa. There is an incredible shot from under Littlefinger that truly illustrates his power and danger. If you had any inclinations that Littlefinger might actually be a good guy underneath everything, you might want to think again.

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