Review: From Here To Eternity

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Pearl Harbor meets Les Misérables…

Tim Rice’s new adaptation of the classic musical ‘From Here to Eternity’ combines a stunning musical performance with a convincing story of love and loss. Set in 1941, in the weeks leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, this stage adaptation of James Jones’ 1951 novel brings the story to life while remaining a strong musical piece thanks to its talented cast. In a period where the musical film is particularly strong, ‘From Here to Eternity’ holds its own among the likes of recent stage to screen performances of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Les Misérables’.

Following a group of soldiers in Company G, the film tells the story of the brutal realities of war and life in the army. Whilst capturing the two love stories at the heart of the film, ‘From Here to Eternity’ does not fall into the trap of becoming a soppy tale of romance that detracts from the continuous realities of the context in which it is set. The film delves into the dark worlds of prostitution, homosexual escorts, adultery and army brutality.

The musical performances within the filmed stage production are incredibly strong, most notably Private Prewitt, played by Robert Lonsdale (Silent Witness). The acting by all cast members portrays a convincing story with heightened emotion.

For any fans of theatre, and the many new converts to musicals, following the film success of ‘Les Misérables’, ‘From Here to Eternity’ is a wonderfully honest film with terrific performances that is not to be missed. If you did miss the chance to see the stage production live, which ended in March of this year, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience the well-crafted show brought to the big screen.


‘From Here to Eternity’ opens in cinemas around the UK from 3rd July.

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