Comic Review: Revival Issue’s 1-5

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Revival is a breath of fresh air for the undead genre of media. In everything we read about the undead they are feasting on the flesh of the living but in revival they are just living, continuing with their lives. Or so we thought.

The first graphic novel entitled “You’re with friends” which collects issues 1 – 5 is published my Image comics. The story introduces main character Dana Cypress, her sister Martha, her father, CDC worker Ibrahiaim Ramin, two journalists, A Exorcist who seems that have previous with the devil and a whole host of others who we are not sure if they are main characters of story arcs, supporting characters or minor bit part players.

That is the one of only two problems I can pick with what is over wise a very good, original and engaging story. The story just skips between arc’s too quickly without anything really being explained, resolved or properly introduced and explored. They seemed to have shoved a lot into 5 issues. I could be wrong and it will all make sense in the next instalment but for now it is quite confusing and vague.

The other problem I have is the cover of the graphic novel. Five beautiful comic book covers  were created for the series but a dull grey not particularly relevant or eye catching cover has been used instead. That said throughout the graphic novel the artwork is top quality. All drawings and colour are beautifully and effectively used throughout.

The whole idea of the story for me is new, everywhere we go we read and watch things that depict the dead as brain dead beings that just feast on the living but in Revival the appropriately named “revivers” just seem to want to get on with their life.

Negatives aside the series is very enjoyable from start to finish and the originality of it makes for excellent reading, I very much look forward to the next issue. If AMC ever get bored of the walking dead that have another comic book original series right here.

Back issues from the series can be brought here

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