What is CBD eliquid?

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So maybe you already vape and your eye has been caught. Or perhaps you’ve started out on sweets and oils and you’re looking to branch out. Either way, CBD Eliquid can feel a bit intimidating.

It comes with an inevitable list of queries, is this legal? is this safe? Will I get high? Am I getting a quality product? And is this actually worth the money?

All the THC (psychoactive compounds which get you high) is removed so it is 100% legal and not going to get you high.

If you want a quality product purity is the name of the game. CBD eliquids contain the same ingredients (flavourings, sweetener, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine) as most eliquid plus a CBD extract (some even have melatonin known to regulate sleep). The higher the purity percentage the better the end product. A no brainer but you do still have to check.

Scientific literature, particularly in recent times, has had a lot of good to say about the effects of CBD. Whilst as an eliquid it isn’t medicine and shouldn’t be taken as such there are widely reported positive effects.

Lastly, there’s the price. If you’ve got some assurance on the previous points your wallet still might be clamping itself shut. Fortunately, brands like Ambience sell 10ml bottles of various strengths to knock down that financial first hurdle. Most come in a variety of strengths as well, another no brainer being higher mg equals more potent. Starting out low can be good for the cautious but you may end up vaping a lot to get the effect which won’t prove to be a great value.

Some things just remain the same. I’m talking about flavour. Just like standard eliquid you need to find YOUR flavour when vaping eliquid. If the idea of a grassy terp taste is a turn off go big and bold with menthol or single fruit flavours. If it’s something you like or can mesh with go more exotic with tropicals and more complex flavours.

As for actually vaping it. If you want to go tank I would strongly suggest something on the smaller end of the scale that you can use as a dedicated CBD tank. It’s always ready for a few puffs, you don’t end up with odd mixes of flavours and you won’t give yourself a dose when you don’t want to. If you drip everything then just proceed as normal. Drippers are great for CBD eliquid as you can get your hit and limit waste.

The best advice is to start out small and go with the highest strength you can justify to your wallet. Take a few inhales and wait and see, then maybe a few more.
People cite relaxation, sleep aid and anti-anxiety as the most common effects. This may be the case for you too.

If you’re thinking about giving it a go vapemate.co.uk have a range of CBD eliquid with a CBD purity of 99.39 – 99.95% available in a range of flavours, strengths and bottle sizes.

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