Top 10 Dream Glastobury Headliners

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Everyone has their own all time favourite bands and there’s nothing better than seeing your idols take to the stage, especially at a festival. Glastonbury is the king of UK festivals and every year the best of the best grace the various stages.

The most coveted headline positions go to the biggest acts of the festival, taking to the Pyramid Stage and giving the best live performance possible. Smartmobile Casino wanted to know, out of all of the musical acts that have ever been, who did people want to see headline Glastonbury Festival. We’ve taken a look at the top 10 and why they would make extraordinary headliners.


Michael Jackson

The king of pop not only produced some of the most iconic pop songs of all time, but he was also an amazing performer. His routines and stage design never failed to disappoint and what he could have achieved on the Pyramid Stage would have been a sight to behold.


Queen is still performing at many festivals and events, but those surveyed expressed the need to see Queen with their original front-man, Freddie Mercury. Freddie was famously an amazing performer and he would have owned the headlining spot.

Elvis Presley

He put on some of the most extravagant performances Las Vegas has ever seen and despite his musical style not being exactly to Glastonbury’s style, music lovers would still love to see the king perform live.


She’s already graced the stage once and gave one of the best headlining performances Glastonbury has ever seen, but festival goers want more and she easily made it into the top 10.


They have headlined the festival twice, once in 1995 when they were at the peak of their career, and again in 2004. Most fans will be looking for an excuse for a reunion, but with brothers Liam and Noel still at war, it might be a far stretch to get them together on any stage.


Prince was one of the few musical artists that showed amazing skill and dedication to his work. Not only was he a brilliant singer and dancer, but he could play upwards of 30 different instruments. His performance in a downpour during the super bowl halftime show, showed just how amazing a live performer he actually was.


The Beatles

The Beatles stopped all live performances back in 1966, after the constant screaming was drowning out their playing. They’re arguably the biggest band in the world and if there was any band worthy of the top spot, it is The Beatles.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix could play guitar like no other and to see that live would be a dream come true for a lot of people. Jimi famously played Woodstock, where he shredded his way through the Star Spangled Banner, which makes us believe that if he were alive today, he would give an equally impressive performance on the main stage.

David Bowie

David Bowie headlined Glastonbury back in 1971 and again nearly 30 years later. One of Britain’s greatest musical heroes, Bowie has a back catalogue that is perfect for a huge festival audience.


Adele has been confirmed as one of 2016’s headlining acts. She is one of the biggest selling artists around, with Grammy’s galore and a legion of loyal fans, not to mention her perfect, sing-along songs.

All of these artists have the perfect combination of catchy, chart topping hits that sound phenomenal when sung by huge crowds, and a global following of fans that would pay anything to see them perform. For some, the chance of seeing their all-time favourite bands perform will have to remain a dream, but for others, there’s still a chance.

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