Starting An Eco-Friendly Business In 2021: Practical Tips

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Now more than ever, environmental responsibility is a pressing issue with fires damaging rainforests and wildlife, oceans stifled with plastic waste, glaciers melting and the landfills overflowing with non-biodegradable items. In 2018, it was estimated that England’s commercial and industrial waste was 37.2 million tonnes, 1.1 million more than the previous year. A major contributor to waste is businesses.

Regardless of size, companies contribute to the creation of greenhouse gasses and also air pollution. With our environment being destroyed at a frightening rate, many of us are contributing to this issue more than we realise.

The good news is that many companies are looking for ways to become a greener business and are slowly but surely implementing these changes into their day to day operations. Fortunately for new businesses, they have the advantage of being able to start as an eco-friendly business.

Making the transition or starting an environmentally friendly business has additional benefits, aside from helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Many consumers prefer to purchase or work with sustainable businesses, it is a quality they tend to find appealing in a company. Additionally, employees are looking for companies who are actively finding ways to become a greener business.

For those looking to start a business that is eco-friendly, or if you are a business that wants a few extra tips, here’s a list of ways to help create a greener business.

Ensure Recycling Is A Priority

Recycling is one of the primary changes a business can implement to make them an eco-friendly business. Whatever your workspace is like, whether it is a warehouse or an office, it is highly likely that you and the others that work there will generate a substantial amount of waste. Implementing a recycling programme within your workspace helps to reduce the amount of waste that you contribute to any landfills.

Invest In Storage

As a small business just starting, saving money and purchasing in bulk are two ways to help during the early days of your operation. However, the only issue with purchasing in bulk is that the office space you are working from does not accommodate all of the extra supplies you have. As you might have a relatively small team size, moving to a bigger office to allow for space for all of the additional supplies is a little excessive. One way to combat this issue is renting a self-storage unit at a storage centre. For example, storage centres such as Safestore offer companies an array of options for business storage, and so there is more than likely a storage unit that will suit you and your business needs perfectly.

Reduce The Amount Of Paper Used

Before printing anything out, ask yourself does this need to be printed, or could it easily be circulated via email to those that require the document. Of course, things such as a sign should be printed, but items such as meeting minutes, help sheets or schedules can be sent to those that need them through an email. Although, if the document needs to be printed, ensure that once it is no longer needed that it is recycled. It may seem like a small change, but it can help to make a great difference.

The Wonders Of Reusable Office Supplies

Millions of single-use pens are thrown away on almost a daily basis. A simple switch to reusable pens that require their ink to be refilled once empty, enables you to limit the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Additionally, opting to use whiteboards, tablets or recycled notebooks instead of sticky notes to keep notes helps to reduce your paper waste.

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