S.L.A.G; Slander Licensed Against Girls

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This article is very difficult to articulate without being perceived as a feminist or holding attributes of one at least. However, I am not doing this in favour of feminism or against it, this is merely my own opinion on the colloquial profanity of the world ‘slag’, the connotations it enlightens within society and it’s societal effects on both men and women from an adolescent standpoint.

The colloquial word ‘slag’ is defined as ‘Brit slang a coarse or dissipated girl or woman’ meaning a female overindulging in sensual pleasures. It is important to notice here that it only perpetrates the female and does not mention the male. Although there are of course profanities used to insult males promiscuous acts, these profanities are on a much smaller degree and the awareness of these insults aren’t as great in comparison to the insults used to criticise females actions. This provokes the question as to why?

The negative connotations of women giving into temptation is most obviously depicted in the most famous book ever written ‘ The Bible’. Although not being based around promiscuity it is in the first story of Adam and Eve we see woman being portrayed as the gender who cannot resist temptation and for this she suffers detrimental effects. This can also be argued that patriarchy first originated here, causing immense oppression amongst women in every aspect of their life in both primary and secondary, public and private sectors. Although it can be categorically proven that feminism has to some degree made breakthrough efforts in liberating women in all aspects of life it is my argument that patriarchy has not been eradicated to its entirety and it is through the over popularised use of the insult ‘slag’ which both female and males use we see this, may this even be sub consciously.

The phrase ‘double-standards’ is used for many things however, it is sociologically perpetrated from patriarchy and although feminists refuse this theory (rightly or not) it is an extremely strong argument both theoretically and practically in explaining women’s sexual restraint and man’s more promiscuous sexual behaviour. Double standards was once practiced with great dominancy and less subliminally in comparison to the modern world. The patriarchal view of women was one of purity and innocence and to keep this present within society adultery and loss of virginity out of wedlock was in bedded within the legal system making the deterrence greater.

Obviously, when looking at something which is in our legal system which as a society we condone due to it being perceived immoral for example peadophelia, it is apparent that laws within society have a great influence on our norms and values. However, it was entirely created by the chauvinistic males who wanted to intensify dominance and enjoy sexual license until their heart was content. It is through the origin of the double standard we can depict that although things have now changed in the legal system and the concentration of patriarchy has dispersed within the UK these norms and values are still embedded within society through society judging females promiscuity and labelling them as ‘slags’ or other profanities implying the same insultive message.

As adolescents we are extremely easy to judge and use slandering words in order to shock others or to inflict emotional pain. However, we use these words on a daily basis and do not realise the repercussions and detrimental effects it can have on our society. When using these words we do not know where they originate from or why we feel need to use these to label other peoples behaviour. It can be accentuated through this article that although we are now in the modern day where freedom is greater embraced the past is still instilled within our perceptions of people and the world. Through using the word ‘slag’ it can be illustrated that we are still sub consciously condoning and restraining women’s sexual freedom whilst ignoring societies acceptance of men’s sexual encounters. Patriarchy is still instilled by everyone everyday, by men and women.

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