Review: Musical Fidelity – EB-50 In Ear Monitors

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EB-50 In-Ear Monitors are the latest release from independent manufacturer, Musical Fidelity.  It’s very rare to call these products “in-ear monitors” rather than earphones, but the EB-50’s certainly offer the understanding as to why it has been given the luxurious title.

With a ruler-flat frequency and dynamic range, it’s evident throughout that the products are capable of offering some high intensity for any aspect. This, alongside the sturdy materials and precise mechanisms, create the perfect system for any aspiring musicians, journalists or avid music fan.

The quality of the sound, whether that be the crisp snare, heavy bass lines or captivating prowess of each harmonious vocal, are perfectly captured; MF EB-50’s make the listening a pleasure.

Truth be told, I’ve never been a huge admirer of earphones and, honestly, never spent much consideration into what I listened my music through whilst heading to work and back – we have a stereo in the office, so it’s a rarity that I call upon such devices (unless someone is reminiscing to B*Witched). I spent many an occasion, whilst at university, picking up those cheap, instant-breaking, earphones from the likes of Poundland or B&M Bargains. However, EB-50’s offer something that make me realise how foolish I become.

Packaged with additional ear tips, of various sizes, it offers you the opportunity to get comfortable and experience the music without the ongoing annoyance of continuously adjusting your headpiece as it just “doesn’t fit right”. I never, unfortunately, used the clips that allow them to fit elegantly around your ear whilst you’re running or exercising – mostly as I don’t exercise and it’s very rare that I have to complete something strenuous sat in front of my laptop answering emails (unless it’s to make the trip to the office kitchen for a cup of tea).

However, that aside, the in-ear monitors seem to operate perfectly and remain ever-present whilst I was dashing for the tube or train last minute. So, it’ll be interesting to hear the views of others about whether those additional clips are necessary.

The only downside, mostly for the digital pirates, is that the in-ear monitors operate better alongside MP3 files of a 320KPS+ or FLAC file, as anything less than that have their sound enhanced leading to a crackly, over-stretched, tone; as I became the witness to when I tested them against the downgraded version of Go Radio’s ‘Close The Distance’. Yes, I do have the original copy and I only “ripped” it in low quality to understand the products handling of poor music files.

You can check what MF’s EB-50’s have to offer in this latest Youtube video by MrThaiBox. Check it out below:


All in all, MF EB-50’s offer usage day-in and day-out without any excruciating displeasure. A little shy of £150, the product is perfect for that last minute Christmas present or for anyone that is sick of looking a clown with their “Beats”.

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