Life Skills That Can Increase Your Sense of Personal Autonomy

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Many people strive to have a feeling of control over the direction of their own life, especially if they feel trapped in an environment where factors outside of their hands can tend to guide them. Gaining this control is something that can feel difficult to actually achieve, especially as circumstances vary between individuals.

However, one thing that can help most people in need of this control is the acquisition of skills that can provide them with greater independence. Knowing that you can rely on yourself to reach an end can begin to increase your autonomy, and you might start feeling more comfortable making big decisions off of your own back. Breaking through this barrier is a positive step for both your development and self-confidence.

Learning to Drive

Having the ability to drive is a big one, as it will allow you to get to wherever you need to go without needing to constantly rely on other people for lifts or on public transport. While there are perfectly valid reasons to still use public transport, including the decreased negative impact on the environment, you might find that your options as an individual open up dramatically when you can travel on your own accord. Getting your license might feel like a hurdle that you don’t want to cross, but you might find it’s better to think about it in a way that allows you take each lesson as it comes, instead of fretting about how long it’ll take you to complete the entire experience.

Once you have your license, your next step is getting a car. While simply having a license will open up doors for you regarding your employment and qualifications, owning your own vehicle can allow you to take that step forward into traveling wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go there. If this sounds interesting to you, you can begin to use the internet to search for used cars Wishaw, in order to find vehicles near to you that can fit your needs and budget.

What Cooking Can Offer You

While cooking is a skill that might not immediately seem to open as many doors for you as driving, it’s something that can hold a great many benefits, including allowing you to save money and be healthier while you do so. Furthermore, knowing that you can eat dinner every day without needing to have food made for you by someone you know or by a takeaway service can allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere and become more independent while you do so.

Learning to cook can also be an altogether more pleasant experience than learning how to drive, due to the trial-and-error nature of it, as well as the fact that you’re learning in a more familiar environment, at your own pace. While the food that you make might start out with relatively simple recipes, you’ll quickly get the hang of knowing what works well with what, allowing you to get more creative.

A Sense of Self-Confidence
Feeling socially awkward is a very common feeling, and it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to be able to move past it so easily. That being said, having the self-confidence to navigate simple social situations without feeling too anxious can be an incredibly liberating feeling.  You might also be surprised to learn of the kind of doors that are opened for you once you’re no longer afraid of simple interactions. Various life experiences, such as working in public-facing roles, can open up this sense of self-confidence, and you might find that a more natural approach to trying to force it. 

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