How To Improve Your Productivity When Using Your Computer 

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The UK’s computer penetration rate exceeds 88%, making it more important for users to learn how to use them efficiently. With digitisation and rapid advancement in technology, it is more a necessity than a privilege to work with a computer. The more efficiently you use them, the higher the chances of boosting your productivity. Below are some essential tips on how to achieve this.


  • Adopt routine disk clean-up

If you’re using a Windows operating system, it’s not difficult to find a disk clean-up tool for this work. After using your computer for a while, the hard drive saves several files and programmes, both necessary and otherwise. A hard drive saddled with many files and computer programmes can slow down the system. Fortunately, with the disk clean-up tool, you can take care of this without much hustle.

First of all, the tool recommends what can be safely trashed without affecting the system’s functions. Moreover, because you can decide which ones should be deleted, it is not entirely up to the machine to make that call. If you’re using a Mac, a similar tool is the CleanMyMac X. Learning these speedup tips contributes to an improved system. As expected, it enables you to work efficiently without the machine slowing you down.



  • Merge cloud accounts


Cloud storage has become the go-to online space where people keep large volumes of files. Arguably, it is gradually taking over the USB dominance that existed in the last decade. Indeed, the disadvantage with USBs is the issue of losing information when the device goes missing. It also runs the risk of getting corrupted by viruses, worms, and even malware. In the wake of these downsides, cloud storage became preferable.

Today, people have different kinds of cloud storage, creating convenience. Unfortunately, even this can be a problem when you fail to recollect which cloud storage you stored a file. However, you can overcome this challenge and make your computer work more efficiently by merging your cloud storage accounts. Cloud services like Azure storage explorer, AWS, and Otixo make this possible.


  • Stay secured online


Beefing up your online security goes a long way to help you use the computer more efficiently. For example, using two-step verification, complex passwords, and keeping an eye out for malware and the like contributes to your safety and security on the virtual corridors. A compromised computer system will undoubtedly hinder its usage. Moreover, if you access online platforms on different computers, you may want to consider beefing up security on each device. All it takes is one weak link in the chain.


  • Be conversant with common shortcuts

Indeed, people may find it more convenient to use the mouse clicks or the trackpad to tap commands. However, it helps to expand your knowledge on common command shortcuts to improve your efficiency. Fortunately, you will find several online articles and even Wikipedia providing insight on new keyboard shortcuts.

The computer has become an intrinsic part of work, school, leisure, etc. Therefore, you may want to attach a renewed sense of purpose when using them.

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