Costs You Need To Consider When Buying A Horse

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Buying a horse is an incredibly exciting prospect, with days of bonding and leisurely rides with the animal now looming into view.

There is a charming novelty around horses, with The Guardian writing that they give kids joy on a South London estate, raising questions about why similar ‘pony clubs’ aren’t open elsewhere. These animals bring a lot of light into people’s lives, and that’s to be appreciated to the full.

However, while horses are sweet animals, they’re also investments if you come to own one yourself. What types of expenses do you need to consider? Well, we’ve listed a few of them for you below.

Livery Expenses

If you have your own field then looking after a horse can be far more cost-effective, but most people tend to take their horses to a livery, where paddocks, fields, and caring staff are aplenty.

There are options to field here. For example, there’s a DIY stable livery, where you can be provided with a paddock or field. However, you become solely responsible for all the care your horse will need. Under this regime, you are required to visit once a day and evening and typically supply your own hay. There’s more work involved, but the less others do for you, the more costs will be cut.

There are also full liveries, where onsite staff will tend to your horse, and breaking liveries where staff will also train your animal for additional fees. You have a range of choices here, flexible for every lifestyle and financial situation in the book. Look around, and you will find the right livery for you!

Food and Equipment

Your horse requires a good deal of care for a great quality of life.

There are no redundant items in horse care, so purchase as much equipment as you can and utilise every deal afforded to you. Beyond the essentials such as food, every accessory adds a dynamic to how you can look after your horse.

For all your needs in equestrian equipment and horse supplies, browse the range of offerings from Equi Supermarket. Riding tack, food, and even riding clothing and bags for yourself; it’s all here at an affordable price. It’s best to source all your goods from one reliable place, so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your horse will constantly receive a high standard of care. With free delivery over £25, Equi Supermarket are a cost-effective service also!

Insurance and Healthcare

Horses are incredible creatures, forming bonds with their owners right from the start.

A 2018 study highlighted by The Independent showed that horses can read human emotions ably, and warmed to those who were behaved positively. All animals deserve the best care in the world, but due to the exceptionally affectionate dynamic you will share, expect to go above and beyond in the way of insurance and vet bills.

When it comes to love, putting your money where your mouth is will always be the goal. You’ll want great health for your loyal steed, so visits to and from equine veterinarians will be essential on occasion. They will perform pre-purchase check-ups at the start of your journey together and tend to any medical needs as and when required.

All your nearest and dearest animals require insurance. It’s important too, because the right insurance coverage can minimise the cost of vet’s fees significantly. Make sure to compare the tariffs of as many well-known providers as possible, and this will safeguard you financially against unfortunate circumstances, such as theft and illness.

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