6 Unique Traits that Makes a Good Writer

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The critical part of every publication is always their content through which they are able to make the public views. There is no doubt that creating content for blogs & websites is cheaper as compared to videos.

On the other hand, it contains more details about the images or slideshows. The content you are creating is easily accessible on every device in the world that is connected to the internet and also makes reader views rapidly.

It is considered the foundation of search engine optimisation strategy, making it arguably the essential part of your eCommerce business. Whenever the writer creates the content, he or she always makes a plagiarism checker detect duplicated or sourced information.

A writer is said to be a good writer if he or she creates easy-to-read and understandable content. Usually, a good writer uses simple language that can engage & entertain the reader by making comprehensive efforts. Writing skills are known as the art of effective communication. This article will discuss the six traits that help new beginners be good writers.

Six Unique Traits of Writing:

Listed below are the characteristics of being a remarkable content writer. However, always make sure to check for plagiarism of your content that you are going to publish.

  1. Size Up The Content:

A good writer has the ability to increase the length of the content. He can scan sales letters and figure out the problems immediately and define the solution for those issues. The writer can find a point where the story fails and its reason.  Some other professions do the same in their fields, such as programmers with the software codes and military plannings, with the enemy’s plan. But what makes it different is its mechanics of the language.

But as an instinct for the words that supercharge the excellent email marketing tricks, techniques for the formation of the scannable content, and methods for writing the magnetic copy. So, we can say that a good writer can increase the length of the text by using editing skills. There are great chances of plagiarism at the time of size up the content.

  1. Check Plagiarism:

Professional writers always make the plagiarism check for the content they create before using it publicly. Checking the duplication of the content is necessary for a writer to maintain content originality and reputation in the market. It is essential because when you have written the content from scratch, it can still be considered stolen content. So, to avoid the risk of plagiarism, you can use an online plagiarism checker by PlagiarismChecker.co which allows you to make plagiarism check instantly with full accuracy.

  1. Ideas:

The idea is one of the essential characteristics for the writer because this writing component captures the main idea of something from a detailed overview. Only details that are relevant to the main topic are included in the text. A professional writer knows better how to use the right amount of details by using the ideas, making the overall message clearer. There might be the chances of using the copyright content when you are citing the details from already published content. For ease, consider the plagiarism tool that checks the plagiarism of your citations.

  1. Organization:

This one is important because it describes how the ideas for the content must fit together in a larger message. Expert writers always keep in mind the structure of the content to make it appropriate for search engine optimisation. Organising the content is essential for the SERP ranking, but it is beneficial for a writer to improve the writing skills. The organisational structure of the work in a precise pattern like chronological order for narratives and logical order for the information writing can help the writer create quality content. While following the pattern for producing new content must do a plagiarism check to ensure the originality of the work.

  1. Follow the Rules and Break the Rules:

There are so many rules that a writer needs to follow to be a good writer, especially when you are learning to create content in English. The rules are:

  1. Don’t finish the sentence with a preposition.
  2. Avoid using the same words more than once in close proximity.
  3. Don’t start a sentence with words like “and”.

A good writer keeps these rules in mind for being understood. They also know at what point to break the rules to connect with the reader. Grammar & punctuation plays a vital role in writing, but you can consider them as the ultimate factors in winning your reader engagement. Another unavoidable aspect is using someone else data, and it will impact your market reputation. Expert writers always do plagiarism checks to reduce the impacts of plagiarism.

  1. Good Writers are focused:

Usually, the top-ranked writers don’t focus on more than two points to maintain the quality of the content. They do not jump from one topic to another, and they stick to the main discussion. Writers carry it to the end to follow the proper pattern.


Thankfully, you came to know the six basic characteristics that can be beneficial for a new writer to be better. By following the above traits, you can easily improve your writing skills. Content is as important as your website design because it helps drive better traffic to your website. So, creating unique and powerful content is a priority of every writer. By following these traits can help the writers to create fresh & quality content.

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6 Unique Traits that Makes a Good Writer

The critical part of every publication is always their content through which they are able to make the public views.

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