The 44 Luckiest Nations in the World

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Have you ever thought about which countries in the world are the luckiest of them all? Whether you believe in it or not, luck always matters, and when it comes to living, it does even more. Indeed hard work and effort are crucial for success, but a pinch of luck might make things a little better. 

However, there are some people who, unlike others, are just born lucky. Usually, this is deliberated by the place in which they are born.

Let us discuss some of the luckiest countries around the world.

Based on a study conducted by ABCD agency, completed in July 2021, a comprehensive list of the 44 luckiest nations was made. 

Top 44 luckiest countries around the world

Here are a few lucky nations that have been spoken about on a broader aspect. Due to space constriction, the rest are mentioned below in no specific order except the carefully selected top liners globally.

1. The United Kingdom

Being one of the prime locations of the world, the UK is also considered one of the luckiest

places to live in because of its career opportunities, accessible healthcare facilities, and freedom of voice for the people.

2. The United States of America

There is no doubt in saying that people who live in the states are some of the luckiest people in the world. They have free access to primary education, a voice in political scenarios, a highly progressive attitude, and an overall high economy. 

3. Singapore

Singapore offers a variety of facilities and also is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia with a low poverty margin.

4. Italy

Italy is a paradise of a place, and any person living there is lucky already. It offers a great social environment with beautiful scenarios and, of course, unforgettable cuisine.

5. Greece

Greece has one of the most beautiful sceneries with great historical value. It also offers high standards of life and wellness.

Here are the rest of the countries that made the list of luckiest nations:

6. Canada

7. France

8. Japan

9. Germany

10. Switzerland

11. Czech Republic

12. India

13. Russia

14. Spain

15. Estonia

16. Israel

17. Portugal

18. Slovakia

19. Hungary

20. Lithuania

21. Latvia

22. Chile

23. Mexico

24. Turkey

25. Brazil

26. Argentina

27. Netherlands

28. Norway

29. Australia

30. New Zealand

31. Iceland

32. Luxembourg

33. Finland

34. Sweden

35. Denmark

36. Austria

37. Belgium

38. South Africa

39. Bulgaria

40. Slovenia

41. Poland

42. South Korea

43. Colombia

44. Ireland

These were 44 of the luckiest countries in the world. The list is not made in order, therefore they are not ranked in any way. However, all these countries have something unique and desirable to offer; hence they are considered the luckiest.

How are countries calculated on the scale of luck?

Considering the factors such as life satisfaction, liberty, safety, health, finance, and career opportunities, countries are marked as the luckiest. The luckiest countries are the ones that are affluent when it comes to the economy, security, health, safety, finances and of course, freedom. 

Other factors like the geographic location that decides the country’s temperature, region, and accessibility to the different parts of the world also play a significant role in determining how well off they are.

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