11 UK Christmas Number Ones You’ve Probably Forgotten About

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There was once a time where the UK Christmas Number One wasn’t just the end result of Karaoke competition. Since 1952 there has always been a Christmas Number One and some are more memorable than others. But amongst the Band Aids, the Cliff Richards and the East 17s there are  many forgotten UK Christmas Number Ones just not included in the office Christmas Playlist.  Here are just 11 UK Christmas Number Ones gathering dust:

1. ‘Mad World’ – Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules (2003)

A revival of the Tears For Fears hit for sci-fi drama Donnie Darko – Merry Christmas?

2. ‘Sound of the Underground’ – Girls Aloud (2002)

That’s right. This was in 2002. You’re old as balls.

3. ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ – Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman (2001)

A video so cheesy it makes Cliff Richards cringe.

4. ‘Can We Fix It?’ – Bob The Builder (2000)

Yep. This happened. Christmas Number 1 in 2000 was a questionably skilled builder who spoke to his machines.

5. ‘2 Become 1’ – Spice Girls (1996)

The first of three UK Christmas Number Ones for the Spice Girls. I wonder if that leopard skin coat is still knocking about.

6. ‘Mr Blobby’ – Mr Blobby (1993)

Featuring Jeremy Clarkson with a mullet. Because y’know, it’s the 90s.

7. ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’ – The Human League (1981)

I bloody love 80’s “Dancing”.

8. ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ – Pink Floyd (1979)

Ah from times long forgotten.

9. ‘Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)’ – Benny Hill (1971)

The hell were people on in the 70s.

10. ‘I Feel Fine’ – The Beatles (1964)

Wouldn’t be a No.1 list without The Beatles now would it.

11. ‘It’s Only Make Believe’ – Conway Twitty (1958)

Ladies and gentleman….Mr. Conway Twitty.

One more?

Pipped to the post by Shayne Ward who started X Factor’s 5 year hold of the Christmas Number One throne in 2005 was Nizlopi with ‘JCB Song’ – enjoy!


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