Activist and producer NGAIO releases new single ‘Goddess’

Taken from her highly anticipated, self produced debut EP Four Quarters, also out now.

Acclaimed vocalist, DJ, and activist NGAIO continues on her formidable journey with the release of her compelling new single Goddess, out now. This is the final single to be released from her highly-anticipated, self-produced debut EP Four Quarters, also out now.

Goddess is a beautifully empowering piano-led ballad about spiritual connections and needing to have space to connect with our ancestors. NGAIO elaborates, “Goddess is about understanding that we are connected to more than the physical space of here and now. It’s about knowing that we can find that connection in nature and ourselves”.

Goddess is also a celebration of women. “Society is always trying to censor us as women and control a narrative around our bodies. How we look, what rights we have, who we should be”, NGAIO continues, “Goddess is about saying we’re all Goddesses – no matter what anybody tells us. We don’t need to starve ourselves. We don’t need to have the same face and body. We don’t need to be ashamed of our uniqueness – it’s what makes us individuals. And if you ever forget that, it’s important to go to the places that will help you remember – which is what the song is for”.

NGAIO was also recently a part of the Censored campaign highlighting female nipples being sexualised which was part of a city-wide exhibition addressing the hypocrisy of it and the consistent policing of women’s bodies.

Throughout the EP, NGAIO combines West African percussion and Bristol’s trip-hop influences with jazz, dub and soulful lyricism in order to create a sound that is truly innovative. A deeply personal and introspective journey, it reflects NGAIO’s exploration of identity, cultural heritage, and the challenges of expressing oneself authentically in a world often resistant to alternative perspectives. NGAIO is a genre-fluid shapeshifter, effortlessly blending sounds and shattering expectations.

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