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Showing once again that you can't go wrong with a pair of sennheisers.

7.5 %
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Sennheiser, some say are the king of the headphone world. They certainly have been around for some time so they must know what they are doing. After revamping their range to appeal to a massive audience they have sent us a pair of their external sound reducing headphones – Urbanites .



The urbanite produce one of the finest sounds that it makes if difficult to enjoy any other headphones. The BALANCED nature of the headphones ensures every range of sound complements each other effectively with no range taking priority over the other which in all accumulates in to EVERY genre of music being created in to a brand new experience as you find your self discovering sounds and tones that you have put ever heard in tracks you’ve listened to hundreds of times. I have to note for your bass heads the urbanites bass response is perfect in the right places. The annunciation of bass tones with the urbanites is warm and not at all overpowering. I do feel however that the bass response does need to carry tones for a little longer.


The urbanites are heavy. Really quiet heavy. So for those who treat their hair like a prize possession make sure you bring a comb with you at all times to restyle. The cups however have a nice soft cushion which makes for a comfortable on the go music experience. Even for you glasses wearers they cups ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Everyday application

The Urbanites boast an amazing sound reducing experience that creates an immersive environment for all forms of commute. All Though they look pretty big on anyone’s head you’re happy with the fact that you know you’re having a better music experience than the guy next to you.

I’m going to be giving the Urbanites 7.5 out of 10 as honestly I was so happy using these headphones just to the mere fact all levels were so balanced to really complement every type of music I listened to. I really recommend picking up a pair of these over-ears as they really are beating so many competitors and show once again that you can’t go wrong with a pair of Sennheiser’s.

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