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The lovely people at sent us across Olixar’s £20 Bluetooth over ear headphones. When we first opened the package, we felt a little underwhelmed, the headset is quite small and seems like we would easily destroy them in a matter of days. BOY were we wrong.


The headset boasts really strong volume amplification that makes it easy to adapt for scenarios which requires you for that extra volume boost. In terms of EQ the X1’s have a pretty good balance of high and mid that enable you to be able to hear tracks with reasonable clarity. The bass replication is a little bit lackluster, if you’re looking for some really oomph in your bass, these headphones aren’t for you. Using the headset as a hands-free kit works well in an indoor capacity, but when on the move, the microphone is too over sensitive and causes people on the receiving end to hear walking and breathing amplified.

Olixar X1 Bluetooth Headphones


Style / Functionality

The X1’s make you look like a lot like a first stage Cyberman (which is a good or bad thing depending on how big of a Dr Who fan you are). They are easy to fold up put in your pocket and take it very little room. The headset has playback and volume control functions on the right cup that makes handsfree music selection choosing very easy (And also a little bit futuristic). We need to highlight the battery of the X1’s. The battery is incredible, the 20 hour battery life is actually what you get which means if you using the X1’s on your commute they can last few days without recharge. In addition to all of this, you can use the X1’s with not just your mobile devices, but your Bluetooth enabled laptop/PC! You honestly have no idea how good it feels to have a handsfree Laptop/PC experience.


It takes a little while to adapt to the way the headset sits on your head, as they sit on your ears they really conform well to your ears which in turn adds to the sound the headset produces. Good news for you glasses wearers, they are still very comfortable when worn.

Overall if you’re looking for a reasonably priced Bluetooth headset then the X1’s are for you. To sum up, the X1’s had us thinking we would actually pay more than £20 for this headset.

The Olixar X1’s are available to purchase here:[button size=medium style=less_round color=gray align=none url=]Buy here[/button]

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