Review: The House of Marley – Conqueror In-Ear Headphones

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The Conquerors from House of Marley retail at roughly £60. For your money you receive a pair of headphones crafted with not only music but the environment in mind.

The fabric cord is excellent, the tangle free nature of the cord makes using the headphones while mobile considerably easier than a standard rubberised sheath. The 3.5mm male jack is angled from the cord at 90 degrees which makes it sit flush with your music listening device which reduces the amount of strain placed upon the connection, which often fail in other headphones, prolonging the life of your headphones.

The multifunction control integrated into the headphones also makes listening on the move easier, assuming you are using some form of i-device, the built in microphone aids in switching from music to phone calls seamlessly.

The 9mm speakers are made from recycled aluminium making them conscious of the environment and lightweight, the maple wood accents of the Mist pair I am reviewing compliment the aesthetic nicely and the wood is also obtained from renewable resources.

Five sets of tips are included with your purchase to ensure you get the right fit for you. When you have chosen those that suit you best the audio experience is fantastic for a product in this price range. I found the best fit and best sound reproduction came from using the two tiered cone shaped tips, they provide an excellent fit, unlike other in ear headphones the aluminium body of the speaker never feels like it is going to be dragged from your ears by gravity. The sound these tiny 9mm speakers provide punches well above its weight, the incredible level of sound isolation allows bass to come through as punchy as possible only distorting when entering the extremes of musical taste or volume control.  Mid-range adds depth to the listening experience; it stays within a range that compliments the well-engineered sounds of the low and high end.

The high end of listening is well tuned, treble comes through to enhance the snap of snares without ever treading into the realms of being tinny, which in my opinion is my favourite thing about the sound produced, with all the focus brands seem to place on bass in current times high end often feels neglected, not so on these which is refreshing.

Listening to Bob Marley through the headphones brings more of the music to you as the sound engineering captures notes possibly lost when using other devices. The comfort factor means that you can listen for considerable lengths of time and these headphones are not locked into one artist or even genre so the range of what you listen to is not limited by the headphones but instead centred on your taste.

Watching movies isn’t enhanced when using these headphones but will provide a satisfactory sound when a sound system or entertainment style headphones and headsets are unavailable, similarly I wouldn’t recommend them for gaming as there are many specialised headsets out in the world, however for a bit of offline gaming that you don’t want blasting through your home or train carriage they perform admirably.

These headphones are built for music, being in-ears they are apt for using while on the go and are accompanied by a well-made conveniently sized travel pouch, the sound isolation and minimal sound leakage makes them apt for using publicly, however the quality of the sound isolation is so good that I advise checking thoroughly before crossing roads.

I rate these headphones at a 4.5/5, for their price range they perform very well and feel much more solid and durable then their competitors; the sound is punchy across the ranges and brings a new feel to some tracks. I recommend them for use with portable music devices and recommend them to anyone unsatisfied with their in-ear headphones looking for a reasonably priced upgrade that offers longevity.

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