Review: RHA MA450i In-Ear Headphones

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RHA are a UK based audio company whose products have been endorsed and sold by tech companies such as Apple. These lovely bunch of people sent me a pair of in-ear headphones to check out and for me to tell them what I think.

The style of the headphones is very different to typical styles. Opting for a circular  10mm head instead of a shape contorted specifically for an ear. I’ve got to say though, when I took the MA450i’s out of the beautiful packaging, I (like may of you) changed the buds to fit my ear shape, I was met with a half a hour battle of trying to get the ear buds to stay on the headphones themselves (I do have to point out though, not once have the ear buds fallen of due to everyday wear and tear since).

The MA450i’s headphone cord is a braided fabric material which does get tangled really easily and at times can be a nightmare to untie, but thats what you really expect from headphones, a tangled puzzle that give you an excuse not to talk to people for 2/3 minutes. Unlike their lower priced counterparts (MA350 & MA150) the MA450i’s have a remote and microphone, compatible with Apple devices. I have iPhone 3GS and an iPad mini, and both my devices struggled to make the most of the microphone and remote feature,; my 3GS I completely understand, but constantly having to fiddle with the headset on a iPad mini? I can’t really forgive, this is definitely something I think RHA should look in to more.

Although, remotes an microphones a side, the audio replication these headphones produce are second  to non. Inspired by structural style of trumpets, the MA450i’s really pack a clean well balanced punch, as well as cancelling surrounding noise easily. Don’t get me wrong, for those audiophiles who love thumping bass, these aren’t the headphones for you. The MA450i’s have a clean high end that really replicates a clean crisp track, creating clear vocals,  undistorted guitars and synth, bass lines that sit neatly in the background as well as finally tuned drum beats. I was able to sit though a 3 hour train journey without having to take them out for a break (although a break every 15 min is what you should be doing). I really enjoyed pumping A Day To Remember through the MA450i’s as the normally distorted nature of post-hardcore completely frazzles most headphones (in-ear or otherwise).



Using the MA450i’s with video and gaming is no skin of its back, not at all. I mean, there is no more than average immersion, but the MA450i’s just make watching and gaming lighter, a little clearer, maybe even a little bit too clear. But with video  that is of lower quality the high end balance really clears up any distortion that may occur, and in terms of gaming, you can hear everything that more bass heavy headphones may not pick up.

All in all, I have to say I really liked these in-ear headphones, I’d definitely recommend the MA450i’s for the type of people who listen to a lot acoustic and electronic and don’t mind investing a little more than average to receive finer audio quality. I have to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing what RHA have planned for the future.

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