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The web is due to celebrate its 31st birthday. The iPad is soon going to be 10 years old and it’s very easy to feel nostalgic about how much it has transformed the world so far.

Businesses are now faced with the challenge of not only reaching the highest expectations, but they also have to adjust their thinking on technology so that they can win back some trust. An Accenture report has suggested that it is more of a Tech Clash, or a disconnect between business and technology models. They are in the past and no longer meet customer needs or their expectations.

Accenture’s global report has surveyed over 60,000 businesses and even IT executives as well. 83% of them stated that tech really has become an integral part of their human experience. In a post-digital era, the report has also warned that there is now a collision between businesses and technology.

The Arrival of AI and Apps

The arrival of mobile apps and even AI has certainly done a lot for the tech business. Take Tej Kohli for example, he has invested millions in making sure that tech companies are given the best start and he has also worked hard to try and boost the AI industry as a whole. Since the arrival of mobile apps, it looks like businesses have become transfixed by the allure of tech. A lot of organisations set out to create a myriad of digital products and also services, just because they can. The problem is, they failed to think about the human or the organisational aspect of the projects they were creating, and the consequences of them.

Technology and our Lives

Technology might have engulfed our lives but now people are starting to see the consequences of embedding technology into absolutely everything. There is an argument that people are creating more problems than they are solving. If you look at the tech landscape, you will soon see that tech is spreading misinformation and that it was also reducing data security overall. It would appear that digital technology is now absolutely everywhere and that businesses of all sizes need to have a brand-new approach to dealing with their employees, customers and partners. This will help them to create a new passage and it will also help them to take back control.

The Experience

Vendors who sell personalisation software are now telling their partners that their clients demand to have real-time personalisation. The problem is that a number of customers are finding the concept intrusive and creepy. Gartner, who are a research company have predicted by the year 2021, one-third of people are going to be reducing the amount they spend on personalisation. By 2025, 80% of them are going to be abandoning their efforts. The responsibility that comes with data management can sometimes be overwhelming and not even worth the ROI that you get from it. If entrepreneurs are able to get the balance right however, then they may be able to completely transform everything into the experience that consumers are looking for.

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