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Frank Hamilton Press Shot
Interview: Frank Hamilton – “… happy, sad, shit, amazing, crap, fantastic. Everything making a record should be.”

London-based singer-songwriter Frank Hamilton is best known for his #OneSongAWeek project. Two weeks ago saw the release of his latest

Gavin James
Interview: Gavin James “It’s my first time doing some of these festivals in the UK so I can’t wait!”

Photo by Adam Ellison Photography. Dublin born singer-songwriter Gavin James made the colossal announcement earlier this month that he’ll be performing

Q&A Session: The Fratellis – “To think in a straight line would be helpful from time to time…”

Off the back of their hard-hitting comeback album, ‘We Need Medicine’, The Fratellis are back belting their live performances through

Peace Press-918-small
Q&A Session: Peace- “Our following is quite dedicated and it really feels like everyones involved in something”

Following a masterpiece of a début album, Peace very quickly became an Indie sensation to be watched. Before heading out

Q&A Session: Yellowire- “It’s all part of moving forward and trying to make the next thing bigger”

As they set off on tour with Indie sensations, The Feeling, Yellowire spread their sound across an abundance of venues