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Interview: Nathan Carter – “I’d love to cover an Ed Sheeran song and give it a country twist!”

Photos: Adam Ellison Photography Following his stellar performance at Leopardstown Racecourse last month, Nathan Carter is bringing his show to

Interview: Mishka – “I think I’m freer in the sense that I’m steering the ship”

Speaking with a thick and satisfying accent, Bermudian musician Mishka opens up about his most recent album, Roots Fidelity, working

Gavin James
Interview: Gavin James “It’s my first time doing some of these festivals in the UK so I can’t wait!”

Photo by Adam Ellison Photography. Dublin born singer-songwriter Gavin James made the colossal announcement earlier this month that he’ll be performing

Interview: The Stone Foxes – “It’s not just about individuals, it’s about community and it’s about creating something larger than ourselves”

Hailing from San Francisco, The Stone Foxes are reviving rock ‘n’ roll with the release of their new album Twelve

Interview: COURTS – “To have a living legend like Elton John acknowledge your work is all the confirmation you need”

Essex hip hop and indie/rock band COURTS have created quite a stir in recent weeks with the release of their

Launchbox: Native People – “To be seen, as perhaps a dancer version of Shura would be unreal!”

Indie-pop is hitting the UK back something fierce in the last 3-5 years. As the One Direction / Youtube generation grow

36 Crazyfists
Interview: 36 Crazyfists – “We are a no gimmick, no flash band”

36 Crazyfists recently released their 5th studio album, Time and Trauma, and it’s the band’s most defining and personal album

Interview: Wyvern Lingo – “..the music is feeling better and grooving better and we know what we’re going for a bit more now.”

Wyvern Lingo played a lovely set in the Big Top stage during their first ever Indiependence appearance. Ahead of their

Ryan Sheridan
Interview: Ryan Sheridan – “I’m not ready for a big change”

It’s been over four years since the release of Ryan Sheridan’s debut album, The Day You Live Forever. This coming

the shires
Interview: The Shires: “For so long we’ve been having to hide how much we love country music that, finally, we can all be proud to say ‘finally, it’s on the radio’!”

The Shires, made up of Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle, are the biggest country act to come out of the