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Fifi Rong
EP Review: FiFi Rong – Forbidden Desire

As a writer for Fortitude, I have been introduced to copious amounts of new musicians in my three years with

A Golden Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun?

In December 2014, the Japanese public re-elected Shinzo Abe as their Prime Minister. He is a controversial figure, despised by

The UN Report On North Korea Will Incite No Change

This week saw an atrocious, and some may say inevitable, revelation regarding  North Korea, brought to light by the United

Blade & Soul Logo
Journey to the East: Blade and Soul

A year and a half ago, Blade & Soul was released in South Korea and achieved instantaneous success, rising to

workers of the world unite
Viva La Revolution?

Since his article in a recent edition of the New Statesman and an interview with Jeremy Paxman that followed, Russell

Review: Fluorescent Hearts – Guide You Home

Guide You Home will be the next single released by Glasgow Pop Rock act Fluorescent Hearts.Formed in 2010 with a