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Why is Britain too afraid to talk about the C word?

Cannabis, Marijuana or Weed, is a plant with psychoactive properties that can provide people with numerous benefits such as; relief

Obama: A Legacy In The Making

One year ago this month Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as president, but more significantly it

workers of the world unite
Viva La Revolution?

Since his article in a recent edition of the New Statesman and an interview with Jeremy Paxman that followed, Russell

US Capitol building
US Government Shutdown – Choose Your Side: Democrat or Republican

After losing the House of Representatives to the Republicans in last year’s election, Barack Obama was always going to find

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“Nothing Happens”: Why the Recent Navy Yard Shootings in the U.S. Won’t Prompt Change in Gun Control Policy

As the dust settles this week on yet another mass shooting in America, the issue of gun-control has once again

We Are Scientists Announce Summer UK Dates

American indie rockers We Are Scientists have announced they are coming back to the UK this summer to play a

Influential Artist Of The Week: The Beatles (1)

In March 1957, John Lennon and a few friends formed a band called Quarrymen, later in July of 1957, John