A tribute to Dolores O’Riordan

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Born on September 6, 1971, Dolores was the youngest of seven children. The latter got married to Don Duran, a former tour manager on 18 July 1994, and the couple had three children. After establishing herself a name in Limerick, she took her family to Dublin for holidays. In August 2013, she returned to live in Ireland, and ended her relationship with Don in late 2014, after 20 years together.

Dolores O’Riordan was an Irish musician, songwriter, and singer. She ran the rock band ‘The Cranberries’ from 1990 until 2003; they reunited in 2009. In 1990, she auditioned for and won the role of lead singer for a group called the Cranberry Saw Us. It was later changed to the Cranberries. The group released five albums: ‘Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Bury the Hatchet, To the Faithful Departed, No Need to Argue and Everybody Else is Doing It’.

One of her biggest achievements came in 2004. Dolores performed with the Italian artist Zucchero, on the album Zu & Co. The album also featured some other amazing artists such as Macy Gray, John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Luciano Pavarotti, Sting and Sheryl Crow, and was a massive hit.  The same year, Dolores joined the composer Angelo Badalamenti to provide vocals on various tracks.

In 2005, Dolores featured on the Jam & Spoon’s album as a guest vocalist on the track ‘Mirror Lover’. She also made a cameo appearance in the Adam Sandler comedy ‘Click’ in June 2006. During the same year, she was listed among the 10 richest women in Ireland.

Dolores’s first solo album called ‘Are you listening?’ was released in May 2007, in Europe. It was later released during the same year in North America. She was inspired and always motivated to produce her own album since her first single, ‘Ordinary Day’ was a great hit in April 2007. The latter was famous for her lilting mezzo-soprano voice, for her strong Limerick accent, and her emphasised use of yodelling. In 2008, she won an EBBA Award. The European Border Breakers Awards recognise the achievement of ten rising groups or artists every year, who reached audiences outside their own countries.

During the 2013-2014 season, she appeared as a judge on ‘The Voice of Ireland’. And in April 2014, Dolores began recording new material with JETLAG, an association between Ole Koretsky and Andy Rourke. They have then gone on to form a trio under the name D.A.R.K. In May 2016, the group decided to plan for a tour in Europe as they wanted to bring happiness to their fans over there. The first show was held on 3 June.

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