Top 6 Attractions With The Best Interior Designs

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What is the first thing that you notice as soon as you enter any place for e.g. a café, a shop, restaurant or home? Its interior and décor, right?

So, the point is that interior designs and decoration of a place makes a huge impression on people which is why, to attract more and more people, several global destinations have set their interior in a way that people love every bit of it. The best choice of interior designs make the place look quite aesthetic and worth a visit. Here is the list of top attractions with best interior designs.

  1. Cunard Building


The interior of Cunard building simply cannot be ignored. It served as the headquarters of Cunard Steamship and since then it has impressed everyone who has had a look at it. The great hall covered in designs that are intricate are based on marine and shipping themes and it goes for the building as well. The first floor was basically the place where customers bought tickets for Cunard trips and it looked so stunning that it was designated as an interior landmark back in 1995.

  1. Columbia University’s Roy and Diana, Vagelos

Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Centre is a masterpiece and there is no denying that. Embedding the “Wow” factor along with practicality is basically what makes it stand out. The inside of the university features “academic neighborhoods”. The intention is to provide space and area for major programs. The simulation center along with the accommodation of “active learning classrooms” that can be reprogrammed depending on the needs of the instructor, has made it an ideal education center. 

  1. London Mithraeum

Inspired by Mithraeum, the museum inside holds over 600 Roman artifacts. Featuring kiosks that allow digital interaction enables visitors to touch artifacts. The interior, especially the bottom level welcomes visitors with a darkened room that is large. Music, chanting, sounds of water and fire tend to maximize the experience with “Haze” installation, enhancing the lighting experience. 

  1. Nomad Skybar, Romania


What would be more perfect than enjoying a delicious meal along with having a view of the sunset from a rooftop? Nomad skybar in Romania actually makes you witness this. The bar welcomes you to relish the moment of a sunset or gaze at a sky full of stars at night with a super friendly atmosphere around. Furthermore, different and stylish tables, chairs and sofas are present in the restaurant to accommodate the guests. The flooring of this bar is exceptionally attractive as well. They have installed solid wood flooring which provides a modern and eye-pleasing overall look to the place. Solid wood flooring are much thicker wear surface which they can be refinished many times as needed. They are more expensive that most types of flooring but they fantastic value for money in terms of durability, maintenance and style.

  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi


Louvre Abu Dhabi’s interior gets is inspiration from its large geometric dome. Making up to 8,600 square meters, it includes children’s museum, temporary spaces for exhibition and museum galleries. The walls are flexible when it comes to hanging with slots being provided. The floor is bronze framed made of stone modules. The stone choice throughout the museum reflects the period of artwork being showcased.

  1. Eight Tenths Garden

A beautiful shrine that features coffee shops, rock garden, mini waterfall, restaurant, library, chess playing rooms and bed and breakfast. The interior of the museum boasts a giant circular ball, presenting some of the finest crafted plates and cups from around the world. Even with everything catching your attention, the rock garden and mini waterfall are something to die for.


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