Single Review: You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever

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Following on from their top 20 single ‘Lived A Lie‘, which gained success by being featured on the Fifa 14 soundtrack, the surrey rockers are back with an energetic song all about your new years resolutions.

Fresh Start Fever‘ follows on from the sound of ‘Lived A Lie‘, maybe hinting as to what the new album will sound like. The song has a stadium feel to it which is really felt during the break around 2 minutes in to the song. Some may feel that the two new songs from You Me At Six are a bit more mainstream pop rock compared to ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ but this is explained by guitartist Max Helyer stating that “we wanted to be a band that’s listened to by everybody.”

The song maybe lacks the lyrical depth of some of the hits off You Me At Six’s previous album, ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, but it does provide a sing-a-long chorus and a solid guitar riff. If You Me At Six’s new album is to beat the chart position earned by their last album, which reached number three in the UK Album Chart, this is the song that will have to do it for them. Josh Franceschi recently stated on BBC radio that the band always knew that ‘Fresh Start Fever‘ was going to be a single and that the only decision to be made was to choose when it would be released.

The video that accompanies the single sees the boys take a back seat, only making some guest appearances, while there is some motorbike racing where it seems that some dodgy dealings are going on behind the scenes.

Fresh Start Fever‘ is the second track to be taken from the upcoming album ‘Cavalier Youth’, due to be realised January 27th.

The surrey rockers are back on tour in the UK on March 28th in Glascow with a string of dates ending in London on April5th. See the full details on the band’s website:

Check out a live acoustic version of Fresh Start Fever below:

You Me At Six – You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever on MUZU.TV.


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