Single Review: Haim, feat. A$AP Ferg – My Song 5.

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 The ferocious sound of feminist rock and roll continues.

Taken from the critically acclaimed ‘Days Are Gone’, Haim have returned with a new single, the anonymous sounding ‘My Song 5’. Despite the initial lack of name invention, the bulk of the track spurs on into a much richer and flavoursome treat. With the added urban insertion of hip-hop recording artist A$AP Ferg, the slow-rock beating of Haim’s feminist drum carries on into the night.

Layered among the slow tempo rhythm lies the cold-hearted sound of aggression. Whilst the title gives nothing away, the sound of the track does not disappoint. Structured around a domestic argument, the discourse follows quip after quip from Haim. Showing no remorse, lead vocalist Danielle Haim interjects her lyrical wit and sting: “You’ve been lying, so honey, I’m not your honey pie”. Sassy, prominent and primitively aggressive, the flag of feminist indie-rock sways valiantly in the wind, led to the beat of one of the break through artists of the year.

Dazzled by a bubbling cauldron of tightly strung guitars, groaning bass and callus vocals, each fragment tessellates together and transforms the everyday domestic argument into a cry for feminine independence. As a result, the masculine counter balance is represented by hip-hop rock-body A$AP Ferg, real name Darold Ferguson, Jr. As the feminist bond because stronger throughout the track, the masculine camp becomes reduced further down to its primitive stereotype: Something seen throughout pop music all too often. Musically, A$AP Ferg offers his urban dynamic, giving the song greater intensity and variation.

Above the gender-troubled digressions lies a solid, satirical and boldly moulded song, that it constructed around Haim’s feminine-rock pulp. Like everything Haim produce, ‘My Song 5’ is completely marinated in character. The droning, almost dubstep-style bass wobble is a welcome surprise from the band, and adds further evidence to their versatility and creative prowess. As the song ticks over into a lavish, seasoned crescendo, the chorus carries the listener through an aggressive march between each thumping drum beat. Short, snappy and full of anger, ‘My Song 5’ leaves little to the imagination, but a lot to get fired up about.

One again, Haim have smeared the lipstick of modern day rock songs, in their own particular and exquisite fashion. In a nutshell, ‘My Song 5’ captures raw emotion of a love song in dispute, yet laces it together with the dry sass of a New York drag queen.


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