Single Review: Aisha Badru – Soil’s Daughter

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US singer songwriter Aisha Badru has returned with her beautiful new single Soil’s Daughter. The single follows the release of her critically acclaimed 2018 album Pendulum and showcases her stunning, husky tones. 

Soil’s Daughter opens with deep, haunting harmonies before Badru’s unique gravelly vocal sweeps them away. The track is reflective and downtempo and much like a hymn with its long, deep, almost choral-sounding notes. Soil’s Daughter is an ode to the planet we live on and Badru’s own passionate cry for us to ignite change. The lyrics are as deep as the Earth’s soil and Badru’s drive for change is clear when she sings “although I look like my father, my roots extend much farther… and if we don’t form a band of brothers our strength will remain uncovered.” Badru is using her voice as a weapon and to declare that we must come together collectively to bring change to the world that we all share the same roots to. Speaking of Soil’s Daughter Badru said “this is me reflecting on the world and this huge disconnect between us as a people and us with the planet.” The symbolic accompanying video further drives home the fact that we only have one planet and it’s all of our responsibility to do what we can to sustain it. 

Sustainable living is something that Badru is passionate about, having moved from New York to Florida, and nature inspires her songwriting. More of this influence can be heard on her forthcoming EP Transcendence on which the stripped back acoustic sound continues: “I knew I wanted it to be acoustic. I wanted it to be a bit more intimate, so my lyrics could really take centre stage.”

Aisha Badru has a very important message to spread and with a voice as enchanting as hers who couldn’t stop and listen?

Soil’s Daughter is out now and her new EP Transcendence is set for release on 7th February 2020. Find out more about Aisha Badru here and have a listen to Soil’s Daughter below.

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