Single Review: Aisha Badru – Bridges

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Urban folk singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has released her new single Bridges. The New York musician is back following the release of the mellow track Mind on Fire.

Bridges opens with a deep, bassy beat akin to a heartbeat and accompanied by a smooth synth. Badru’s vocal slides in with a gravelly tone that’s as deep and brooding as the baseline. Her voice gradually manipulates, becoming swept up into the electronic soundscape of the track. The atmosphere is intense with lyrics such as “There’ll be mountains for us to climb, there’ll be days where the sun don’t shine but I’ll stick to it.” You can feel the passion her voice just as a piano breakdown kicks in, creating a beautiful clash that lends even more poignancy to the words Badhu sings. An incredible instrumental that’s a crescendo of strings breaks through like a whirlwind, sweeping the listener up in its warm embrace. There’s a simplicity to the lyrics and this repetition only lends them a higher significance and underscores the meaning of the track.

Bridges explores the unwavering persistence it takes to traverse the many obstacles that may appear in even the most picturesque romantic relationships” Badhu explains. “Often times, the biggest obstacles are ourselves.” The accompanying video is equally powerful depicting two passionate lovers negotiating their way through good times and bad. Bridges is an incredible track that’s moving, thought-provoking and will no doubt touch a chord with many people who are travelling through turbulent seas in their relationships.

Bridges will be the lead single from Badru’s forthcoming debut album which is due for release in early 2018. Badru’s music is incredibly soulful and emotive and her desire to connect to people through music led to her sharing her music online. In 2015 Badru self-released her EP Vacancy and her track Waiting Around caught the attention of the wider world after it was used for a Volkswagen ad. She now has an ever-growing legion of fans and 2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for her.

Find out more about Aisha Badru here and have a listen to the incredible Bridges below.

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