Simple and forgotten ways to lower your energy bills

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 There is no getting away from the fact that energy bills make up a big proportion of a household budget for almost everyone these days.When you also factor in most people’s concerns about the way that energy production can have negative effects on the environment, it seems a no-brainer that finding simple ways to lower your energy consumption can only be a good thing to do.

As with many other things in life, some of the best, quickest and easiest solutions are also the oldest, and that means they can often be forgotten about too. So what are some of the simplest ways you can lower your energy bills that you might not immediately think of?


Know your usage

In order to make sensible moves towards savings, you need to know how, why and when you actually use energy. There are plenty of online apps and other ways to measure your energy use, and something as simple as turning lights off or using a different washing cycle on your machine really can make a big difference when they are all added up together.Once you’ve got an overview of your consumption, you can make changes that don’t actually affect your quality of life and just make cutbacks that really make sense.


Wrap up

Although most of us today wouldn’t find it acceptable to be walking around indoors with a coat on in cold weather, it can be pushing it a little to expect to be lounging around in shorts and flip flops too. Having an extra layer on isn’t a bad thing, and if it means you can set the central heating even one degree lower, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your energy bills.



Badly fitting window or frames in a poor condition can let warm air get out of the house easily, so sorting out drafts is a simple and effective way to cut down on bills. Having thick curtains can also make a difference, but a far more stylish and modern solution is to use wooden shutters, which are not only functional but look great too.



Human bodies are not the only things that can benefit from a little bit of wrapping up around the house. Making sure pipes are lagged properly can save a fortune on lost heat and avoid potential plumbing problems from frozen pipes too. Having good loft insulation is also essential, because as heat rises, much of the warmth in your home can be lost straight through the roof if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions.



Although it’s important to have fresh air in your home even in the coldest weather, it’s plain common sense to remember to shut windows and doors to keep the warmth in. Anyone who remembers being a kid and asking ‘were you born in a barn?’ by their parents will know that simple common sense ways of keeping warm are not only time-honoured, but can save you pounds too.

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