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Formed in 2011 Misser is the side projects of Transit’s Tim Landers and This Time Next Years Brad Wiseman. In the time they have been a band they have released a 3 track EP entitled “Problems, Problems, Problems” and one full length “Everyday I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be a Better Person”.

EP opener “Goddamn, Salad Days” Is an aggressive and energetic start to the EP, You can tell Tim Landers has been working on his vocals in the time between the last release and his Transit commitments. With Landers vocals getting harsher they match those of Brad Wisemans more in this release as well. The next track from the EP “Infrared” continues the aggressive and energetic start that “Goddamn, Salad Days” started but is a bit catchier.

Track three “Burn Out” for me starts off on the wrong foot, the vocals sound too quiet for my liking and then by the time they are loud enough Landers and Wisemans clashing vocals just drown each other out singing different lines. The song does eventually turn into a decent song towards the end.

The final two songs of the EP are the two stand out tracks. Track four “Alone, Die” lyrically is the best track on the album. With obvious Transit influences in the guitar riffs. Track five “Slow It Down//Write It Out” is the stand out track on the EP, starts off slower and then the track is kicked up a gear half way through the finish off the EP well.

While the EP is nothing ground breaking it is a nice reminder to fans that Misser is still here and still working hard.


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