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With the release of their second EP this week I thought it is about time to tell everybody about Neck Deep.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year (Or don’t have a tumblr account) you won’t have heard about Neck Deep. Currently they are flying the flag for UK pop-punk. In such a short amount of time they are building a very large fan-base all over the world and making some pretty fabulous music.

The band released their first EP “Rain in July” during September of 2012 and shortly after played their first ever show and since then the band have grown and grown in in popularity.

Rain in July is a brilliant 7 track debut and fans of the Back to the Future movies may recognise the lines “What are you looking at butthead” at the start of the closing song “All Hype, No Heart”.

There is no bad song on the 7 track EP. Fan favourite “A Part of Me” which features Laura Whiteside is a wonderful acoustic song about parting ways with a special someone. The video which accompanies the song is equally as wonderful and can be seen at the bottom of the article.

The bands latest release “A History of Bad Decisions” is 3 tracks of pure brilliance.

With more relatable lyrics and catchy riffs the EP is a triumph. Track two is a personal favourite of mine.  A number of song from the “Rain in July” EP are about somebody from vocalist and song writer Ben Barlow’s past who he had some history with and “Tables Turned” (track 2) seems to be the song saying that he has moved on and it is over.

Neck Deep’s latest release “A History of Bad Decisions” can be downloaded for free or for a price of your choosing from the bands merch store.



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