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The track entitled ‘I Hope You Suffer’ demonstrates yet another wave of the continual evolution of this band. “Crash Love (2009)” the bands previous album, was instrumentally more stripped back with more melodic vocals than their previous work with an absence of harsh vocals.

The new track however showcases the other side of the coin with a layered and intense composition.
‘I Hope You Suffer’ makes use of electronic music last heard on December “Underground (2006)”, this time around the work that Davey and Jade have put in on their secondary band Blakq Audio can be felt as it gives this track an intensely layered feel that flows within the track seamlessly. AFI has for a long time utilised the darker side of emotion in their music, this track does the same but achieves a more polished feel while the candidness of the lyrics puts the edge back on it.
The haunting heavier feel of the music and the genuine expression in the vocals are so well matched that with a decent sound system (or headphones) you can feel the mood of the room grow darker. The lyrics are clearer in sentiment than AFI usually offer which works well with the tone and emotion in which they are delivered.
I Hope You Suffer has certainly set the tone for an album entitled Burials and the chorus is certainly one that will stick in your head so you hopefully won’t forget to buy the rest of the album. Until then;
The track can be found hosted on SoundCloud:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”][/soundcloud]

Via the Bands YouTube account:

and is available for purchase via iTunes.
The album “Burials” is due to be released October 22nd.


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