Review: Matt Sheehan – Finding My Feet

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Matt Sheehan is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham. Although he is still in his younger years he has delivered songs far beyond his years on “Finding My Feet”. After supporting acts such as Lucy Rose, Marcus Foster, Josh Record, Fossil Collective and many more he is about to embark upon a busy touring schedule to see out the rest of 2013.

Finding My Feet opens with “Darkness Of The Day” and we are immediately hit with the vocal talents of Matt Sheehan. A soulful, almost wail of “Can you hear my heart beating” lets you know that this guy has some real vocal talents. “Darkness of The Day” really sets the tone for the entire EP, with hauntingly beautiful vocals from Sheenhan.

Track 2 “Cold” features a nice simple, soothing guitar riff and Sheehan’s beautiful, soulful vocals to create a great track. “Finding My Feet” the title and probably stand out track on the EP, sits nicely in the middle of four other solid tracks but this one just has that little bit extra. It could be the lyrics that almost everyone can relate to that make this song really stand out.

Closer, “The End” finishes off a very solid EP with a nice, cosy 3 minute track. Sheehan’s vocals just shine through like they have throughout the EP, you barely even notice the drum beat or acoustic guitar in the background.

For some reason the whole EP reminds me of  the kind of record that you would hear in the back ground of a cafe scene in a 90’s, early 00’s romcom which features the talents of Hugh Grant or someone similar. Really nice, chilled out EP to listen to while you sit on the train, do the housework or just want to lie on the sofa with a cup of coffee/tea or whatever you fancy on a sunday afternoon.

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