Review: Kavinsky – ProtoVision

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“Our hero emerged from the burning wreckage, he and the car had become one,” and so Kavinsky was born.

Transporting a pounding pace of French Electronica, Vincent Belorgey seemingly captures that up-tempo vibe laced with intense percussion so nostalgically futuristic.

Cleverly inspired by the 80’s, this musical muse chimes that visceral vision of video gaming, noticeably emerging throughout his album ‘Outrun’.

The stylised theme focuses in on Belorgey’s character Kavinsky, sporting a signature sports jacket and slick sun glasses hiding those burning eyes. His story unfolds an epic trilogy of adrenaline fuelled car crashes and high speed police chases so reminiscent of the 80’s classics.

Regularly recognised for his mainstream success with ‘Nightfall’ featured in 2011 film Drive, Belorgey punches back with ‘ProtoVision’, a ghostly night rider driving alongside a blend of electronic riff.

However it is safe to say Kavinsky is that soundtrack to watch out for, making whatever you do at least 200% cooler.

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