Premiere: Mick Dimitri – Every Story

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Mick Dimitri is a multi-instrumental solo artist who creates lush vignettes as soothing as they are challenging. His latest release is the beautiful new single Every Story, which we are delighted to premiere here on Fortitude Magazine.

Mick first got his break in the music industry after waiting tables for Ed Sheeran. Having written and produced his own material from the tender age of 13, Mick had already built up a well of experience. With Sheeran noticing his undoubted talent, Mick was invited to open for the artist on his Divide tour, playing on the same bill as James Bay and Zara Larsson. The experience catapulted Mick into a different echelon and prompted him to release his debut EP Take My Hand to widespread support from tastemakers in the UK and abroad.

Now the talented musician has teamed up with The Voice US winners, Girl Named Tom, to create an ethereal piece of emotive music. Haunting piano notes pour out from the opening seconds of the track and are amplified by the gorgeous tones of Girl Name Tom’s Bekah Liechty. Juxtaposed by the rich, mournful vocals of Mick, the track is a sumptuous ballad, wistful and yearning.

Commentating on the track, Mick had this to say: “The opening lines “Every Story has an ending, every story has to end” are pretty unequivocal. Every Story talks about the end of a relationship.

The visual draws a lot from Orson Welles’ work, in particular his Othello, which compared to other film depictions has a much darker tone. The scene is set in a dreamscape where a King and a Queen are stuck in a vortex of reciprocal suspicion and incomprehension, resulting — much like Othello and Desdemona — in tragedy. Not the Shakespearean tragedy, though. A different kind. Some times tragedy is such because it remains unseen, and that’s exactly what happens to our Queen. She doesn’t end up murdered by her spouse, but merely neglected.”

The track was developed by Mick and Girl Named Tom during the pandemic. Having been introduced by Ed Sheeran’s mentor and Nizlopi frontman, Luke Concannon, they immediately bonded and started to work on developing the song after Mick shared the track with the band. Illustrating his skillset, Mick produced the single himself and has unveiled an exquisite animated video to accompany the single.

Every Story is the first single release of 2022 for the artist. Mick is aiming to maintain the momentum he built on the back of the release of debut EP Take My Hand where he picked up press from The Vinyl District in the US to the UK’s Fame Magazine amongst many others.

Every Story is out on 17th June 2022.

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