Single review: Melissa Bel ‘Cotton Candy’

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Melissa Bel is back with her shimmering new single ‘Cotton Candy’ and she’s brought the sunshine with her.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Meghan Trainor or Katy Perry – and catchy summer anthems – then you should definitely immerse yourself in the fun-filled beauty that is ‘Cotton Candy’. After previously reaching #49 on the iTunes Canada Top 200 Pop Chart with her critically acclaimed album ‘In The Light’, Melissa returns stronger than ever and we can’t get enough.

Talking about the track, Melissa elaborates “I’d had the title ‘Cotton Candy’ floating around, then the lyrics to the first verse came to me and I thought, ‘this would be great for someone like Katy Perry.’ It wasn’t until I was jamming one day with the song’s producer, Thomas McKay, and he came up with some chords that I thought, ‘I have the perfect lyrics for this!’ Then I realised I wanted to record the song myself.”

‘Cotton Candy’ is out now via Belhop Records.

Have a listen below:

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