Single Review: Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

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So, Lily Allen ey? One thing’s for sure, she’s certainly back! She’s top of the charts and center of discussion, right where she belongs. I pray that her comeback success opens up the single charts and radio air time for other acts that aren’t mindless dance and rap music.

‘Hard Out There’ reminds me of The Smiths. It’s fun, poppy and very catchy but with those all important tongue in cheek lyrics. Her voice is as sweet as sugar with a beat perfect to dance to with its hand claps, dancing piano and regular beat. Though I am praying that the auto tune on the chorus is ironic. It certainly bodes well for the new album.

Her new single has caused quite a fuss; well to be correct, her video has. Personally I think this proves what Lily’s always said; the worlds broken and full of ignorance and stupidity.

To me, it seems that the vast majority of critics and the public are either missing the video’s satire, despite her lyrics explaining this, or feel threatened by her pointing these truths out, so instead they hide the message by scapegoating the video.

Call me crazy, but it makes zero sense to me why this video can cause so much negative hype when Rihanna can produce videos and “songs” like ‘Pour It Up’ without a word said; come on that video could be passed off as soft porn. Okay, granted ‘Blurred Lines’ did cause a fuss, but why does it take an extreme example like that to make people open up their eyes? For me it highlights the poor state of Pop music and the charts, as well as society. Bring back the days when Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys were in the singles charts!

Well I suppose the silver linings to this dark cloud is that its brought a lot of attention to her and the single and at least she’s finally back and telling it how it is.


Lily Allen – Hard Out Here on MUZU.TV.


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