Single Review: Ellie Goulding – Burn

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“We’ve got the fire and we’re burnin’ one hell of a something…”


After the ode to heartbreak album that was “Halcyon”, “Burn” is a summer anthem there purely to be enjoyed. With lyrics such as “They’re gonna see us from outer space/Light it up like we’re the stars of the human race”, it is not there to be analysed to the workings of Goulding’s inner most feelings on life and the universe. Goulding has seen fit to input a more upbeat tempo to her repackaged album “Halcyon Days” and achieves this to great effect, with “Burn” providing a taster of what is yet to come.

The song is more mainstream pop that what we are usually used to from Ms Goulding, a summer dance track that is ready to take radio by storm. Originally written for Leona Lewis, the song incorporates Goulding’s soft ethereal voice to pounding beats and a chorus that is hard to shake off.

Is it “Anything Can Happen”? No. Is it “Under the Sheets”? Hmm, most definitely not. However, it is good old fashioned pop and sometimes you can’t ask for better than that. I’m sure I am not alone when wishing “You My Everything” was being released as a single, rather than currently being an album-only track, however I do wonder whether fans will feel a disconnect when hearing this song as it does not follow the same formula as “Halcyon”. But, that is the wonderful thing about music it is all about experimentation and maybe after her Calvin Harris collaboration with “I Need Your Love”, dance music is a new avenue that Goulding wants to explore more. However, it would be a shame if a songwriter as talented as Ellie Goulding was to abandon her original style completely.

After hearing “You My Everything”, now “Burn”, we are in anticipation of what is yet to come from the British songstress.

“Burn” will be released on 18th August, with “Halcyon Days” being released on the 23rd August.


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