Review: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

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I sense in this new opus from Ellie Goulding , a passage from an electro-filled high street well paved and bright of lights to a terrifying world of reverbs and monstrous choruses where she gives her hands to different alienated guides leading her through a chaotic journey inspired by the giant world leap out of space by Felix Baumgartner .

Veins are opened in “My Blood” where you can sense the chorus echoed search for 007, to help cling on to the clouds moving fast as she throws herself high and often landing on good happy and safe rhythm of Soulful beats in an
extra terrestrial lost Church . Knowing from her old school of Rock that “Anything can happen”, Ellie just keeps repeating so to herself to boost her confidence in the company of so talented musicians with touchy syncopated disco synths and arpeggios always massaging the tail of tracks .

“Don’t Say a Word,” is uneasy to my ears as i find it hard bearing her sometime piercing onomatopoeia. With earth approaching Ellie sees right the way back and safely follows her tourists musicians exploring her words by singling them out and culminating well high to get the message across in smoky but stable mid-tempo planets “Halcyon ” , star filled crying sky of “Joy” and when she goes on Rock battered surface “Atlantis” she jubilates before celebrating with merry
popping Champaign “Only You” where spooky creatures sing along.

For the “Lights” lovers these are “all as you can eat diners” nice and catchy beats easy to glue to. God Ellie has matured her cheddar . This journey has turned her into a lady of the 80’s . My pleasure was met in “Figure 8” as the dense Dubstep got to my numb feet. This Drummer has guts and he can roll Rizlas with intelligent timely moves that wake the dead fan .

There we go again slowing it down with monks witnessing her say “I know you care” whilst walking step by step by her pianist side ,leading to a choir mumbled swingy ballads “Explosions ” before vanishing and found ” Dead in Water” . Glamourously achieved by Elton John’s “Your Song” brought as presents to those who waited to see how she will come out of troubled airwaves arrangement.

Invitations got finally sent and the party got off with Mr Harris C ‘s bumpy ride ” I need Your Love”. Hey Calvin , We all do love Ellie sweet Goulding ,but time has come to see what Live dates set in December can add to this so often sad tone stories from this Angel and her daredevils band, in search for her Champion Dub-setter combatant S’Lex the first!

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