EP Review: Troye Sivan – Trxye

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19 year old Australian actor and Youtube star, Troye Sivan is now announcing himself to the music scene as he dives straight in with début EP ‘Trxye’.

Following the release of the EP lead single ‘Happy Little Pill’ which got an extraordinary reaction, ‘Trxye’ looks to be living up to the undeniable anticipation.

Opening on ‘Happy Little Pill’, the EP is set off to an upbeat, atmospheric pop sound. With electronic glitches and soaring pop drum loops, the track screams a certain Broods vibe. Hypnotic and dreamy.

Touch’ and ‘Fun’ follow the same up-tempo journey as the acclaimed single, releasing musical endorphins just aching freedom and flight.

Proof of Troye’s versatility, the following two tracks ‘Gasoline’ and fan  favourite ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ close the album on a more mellow note. ‘Gasoline’ remains a crystal pop number, just taking the accelerated synths down a notch or two.

Taken from the famously acclaimed John Greene story, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ puts music and a couple thousand words less of a story to the tale. Already a fan favourite, with the official music video holding almost 4 million views, the re-worked EP version is the perfect end to this début EP – clarifying Sivan’s bare vocal ability to compliment minimal instrumentals and beautifully mastered lyrics.



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