Album Review: Justin Timberlake – 20/20 experience 2 of 2

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So I’m on my second listen of Justin Timberlake’s hotly anticipated final part to the 20/20 Experience and I have to say in my opinion the whole thing is a masterpiece. It’s clear to see how much JT has evolved as an artist, whilst still being able to pull out the old school tricks that his die-hard fans know and love.

There are 11 tracks all together, but he proves he still puts in work as a majority of the songs are five minutes or longer. One of my favourite things that Justin Timberlake does is blend two songs together and there are couple of these double whammies to keep us entertained- making 11 a satisfying and entertaining amount of songs.

In comparison to the 20/20 Experience part one- I would describe this second offering as chilled and smoother, packed with plenty of soulful vibes of course. Lots of strings and classical sounds combined with modern beats. There’s some typical JT style r’n’b, such as Gimme what I don’t know (I want), Take Back The Night and a track called Amnesia, which kind of reminds of Cry Me A River vibe and lyric wise. It’s a flashback of the ‘feistier’ Justin Timberlake as we did hear a lot of love songs in the 20/20 Experience. Speaking of love songs, every JT album has to have a couple. If that’s what you want to hear then be sure to check out Not A Bad Thing. It’s probably my favourite track, and it’s real and raw lyrically, the kind of honest and open song that I think wins him so many fans. You Got It On is another love song to look out for. It has a smooth, warm tone complete with sultry strings and perfect harmonies. There’s a few things we didn’t get in 1of 1, such as Drink You Away, a soulful yet country sounding mid tempo R’n’B tune.


I am a big fan as you’ve probably guessed by now, but I can’t be biased. There’s an eyebrow raiser in the midst of these 11 gems and it’s called True Blood. I would say it’s the album’s standout track, just like Let The Groove Get In was for me in the last one. I got that, but I just don’t really get this. I’m all for artists doing something different and experimenting but True Blood just makes me think of vampires and not in a good way! Timberland no doubt has something to do with this one, you can hear it all over the beat.

There’s a surprise appearance from Drake on sexy r’n’b tune Cabaret, and I must say it was the perfect song for him to feature on. His verse is good- nothing too out there or different from what we’ve been hearing from him lately.

All in all, Justin Timberlake has made a very impressive comeback. 2 of 2 compliments 1 of 1 perfectly, with a darker, less ‘just married’ vibe than 1 of 1. If you are a JT fan this won’t disappoint as it doesn’t stray from his typical signature style. If you’re not such a fan you might not appreciate this for the same reason…but less face it, most of us are JT fans…so enjoy!


Justin Timberlake – TKO on MUZU.TV.

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