The oldest casinos still on the Las Vegas strip

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Las Vegas is the number one destination for gamblers and thrill-seekers across the globe. The bright lights attract millions of tourists each year, with each visitor bound to step foot in one of the 104 casinos there.

The atmosphere is contagious. People dancing in the streets and partying until the very early hours, there is no place quite like Vegas. We know Vegas’ impact on gambling history is huge, but when did it all start? Although play gambling games online has grown in popularity, Las Vegas still thrives each year, with some casinos lasting longer than others. Read on as we take a look at some of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas.

Flamingo Hotel & Casino (1946)

Now known as Flamingo, this casino was one of the first to open on the Las Vegas strip in 1946. The building is decorated in bright neon pink lights, making it easy to spot on the approach and a great photo opportunity.

Today, the casino has over 220 slot machines, a Poker room which features daily tournaments and your classic table games such as Roulette and Blackjack. There is, of course, exquisite restaurants to dine in and bars to drink at, so whatever you fancy, the Flamingo will be able to fulfil your needs.

Sahara (1952)

The Sahara changed its name to SLS in 2014 and then to Sahara Las Vegas earlier this year. Previously, the casino stood out on the strip for having a middle-eastern theme sign featuring camels and a Moroccan style building, but after the refurbishment, it’s now all sleek lines and modern architecture.

In the nearly 60,000ft area, there are over 600 slot machines and over 50 table games, including all the favourites such as Poker, Craps and Baccarat. The sportsbook room allows you to place a bet on your favourite sporting event whilst watching the action play out on one of their 50 television screens.

Tropicana (1957)

The oldest casino to have continuously kept its original name is the Tropicana which opened its doors in 1957. The tropical-themed hotel has green plants growing everywhere with formal gardens and a scalloped-edge swimming pool. To this day, it retains its tropical theme with a golf course and a ‘wildlife walk’.

The casino has over 100,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor event space, with half of that, contributing to the casino. The award-winning waterfalls and whirlpools of Tropicana alongside the spa create the ultimate experience in luxurious pampering. Once you’re done relaxing, you can go ahead and fulfil your appetite in the many restaurants available, including the Oakville Steakhouse with a wine list of over 150 labels!

With each one of these casinos standing for over 60 years, it’s clear that even with the rise of online casinos, these famous brick-and-mortar casinos won’t be going anywhere. They’re an integral part of the famous city’s history and part of the reason as to how Las Vegas became the gambling capital of the world.

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